If You Must Eat Hot Fudge Sauce…


Yes, if you must eat hot fudge sauce this summer, let it be this one!  This recipe is EASY & FAST, and you can keep the ingredients on hand in your cupboard for those hot days when the need for a tasty frozen treat strikes hard.  I created this recipe quite some time ago for a children’s party after getting frustrated that all the hot fudge toppings in the store contained the nastiest ingredients.  And the ones I could find that didn’t were awfully expensive … I didn’t really want to spend that much of the party budget on fudge sauce!  So this recipe was born — and it has been a five star hit ever since.

So good, it’s hard to resist eating right out of the pot!

My sister-in-law asked me for the recipe last summer … so here it is, Nina, just for you!  It only took me a year to get around to posting it.  The thing I most love about this recipe (besides its simplicity) is that you can control exactly how much sweetener you put in it.  You can make it with bittersweet chocolate and add no additional sugar at all — or you can make it with unsweetened chocolate and add your choice of sweetener.  I’ve made it with stevia only during times when I want a a very low glycemic version (ie, one that barely raises blood sugar at all) and also with lovely raw, local honey or fabulous dark Grade B (which I always think tastes better than Grade A) maple syrup.  This is probably my favorite option.  Most store-bought sauces are more sweet than chocolatey — this one is the real deal.

Molly doesn’t care that chocolate isn’t for doggies … she wants in.

Better-For-You Homemade Chocolate Fudge Sauce:

  • 8 oz. bittersweet chocolate (70% or greater cacao content) — or chocolate mix of your choice — see below…
  • 16 oz. can full-fat coconut milk (make sure it’s not reduced fat!)
  • 1 tablespoon glycerine based vanilla extract or 1 teaspoon vanilla powder or the seeds scraped out of a vanilla bean
  • Optional flavorings:  pinch of cinnamon, few drops food grade orange, peppermint or lavender oil, 1 teaspoon finely ground instant espresso powder
  • Optional sweeteners:  raw honey, maple syrup, liquid stevia

Put chocolate and coconut milk in the top of a double boiler; cover and allow chocolate to melt.  Blend chocolate into coconut milk with a whisk or fork.  Add the vanilla.  Remove from burner, keeping the sauce warm over the hot water in the double boiler to serve.  * A NOTE ABOUT CHOCOLATE OPTIONS:  if you are using completely unsweetened “baker’s” chocolate, prepare as above, then add sweetener to taste at the end.  I recently used a combo of half unsweetened chocolate and half 85% dark chocolate with six drops of my favorite Whole Foods brand vanilla stevia.  For me, it’s perfect!

Experiment with different kinds of chocolate — you may be surprised at how little sweetener you actually need…

The sauce keeps well in the fridge for as long as a couple of weeks … although it’s rarely around that long.  I keep it in a mason jar and re-warm by placing the jar in a saucepan of simmering water.  For a quick vegan sugar-free version of ice cream, I put a couple of frozen bananas and a can of coconut cream, chilled in the freezer, and pop into the food processor, give a whiz and presto!  Instant soft serve.  Top with a handful of berries, chopped nuts, and this sauce for an “ice cream” sundae full of healthy nutrients.

Kiddo Approved!  And no junky ingredients.

You can also use this sauce with berries and chunks of fresh fruit for a chocolate fondue.  It’s easy to find retro fondue pots in thrift stores and a fun summer party idea, especially if you have a hose, sprinkler or pool that everyone can head for to clean off sticky faces and hands!


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