About Dr. Jenny …

Here’s where it all starts … we are what we eat!

Hello, and thanks so much for visiting my kitchen!  I’m very glad you’re here.  I’m Jenny, and I am a board certified family doctor, who has loved to cook practically since I could walk.  I can’t recall a time, when I didn’t want to be in the kitchen.  At the moment I’m also in my fourth (and final!) year, studying Classical Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, which means I will be adding acupuncture and herbs to my practice of Western medicine in the very near future.

I’m also a cultural anthropologist, and wherever I go in the world, I always end up in the kitchen, learning about people’s traditional ways of eating.  I think we can learn a lot from the way our grandparents ate and the way many people who live closer to nature still eat today.  Our bodies know how to heal us — we just need to listen!

True transformation and deep healing are not found too often in pills, folks!  You know that!  I have seen so many people from all walks of life transform their lives and cure themselves of debilitating diseases by making changes in the way they eat — and adding the regular daily movement for which our bodies are designed — walking, jogging, tai chi, yoga … whatever feels good and alive!  I have done it, myself.  Having gained more than 50 pounds during medical school and lost it, I know the struggle all too well!  (Sigh.)  My patients’ journeys and my own inspired this blog.

I hope it will become about more than food because the kitchen is a place where all sorts of life-changing magic can occur.  I think of the kitchen table as a center for conversation, idea exchange, and just general love and support.  I always tell my patients to picture a tiny version of me, sitting on their shoulder, wildly cheering them on.  I want you to find that here as well.  I hope Dr. Jenny’s Kitchen will be a place where people can share their stories of newfound health through food, exercise, meditation … what have you done that has made a difference in your life?  Please write and tell me!  I’m interested in hearing from you!!

In the office with Kelly, one of my favorite patients!  (He likes coming to see me more than he’s letting on in this picture.) 🙂